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Best Unix?

Tru64 will remain supported until after the last Alpha is sold. That is 
about 10 years up the road. There are many features of Tru64 that will be 
migrated to HP-UX. The major pieces have been publicly stated in the 
published product roadmaps.

Commercial Unixes have always been closed source. I think the next big test 
of Open Source is security. Is Linux ready for wide spread deployment in 
both government and industry. IBM and HP are both counting on it.

I suspect that commercial Unixes in the future will be replaced by Linux 
with some proprietary add ons.
"Wizard" wrote:
> I have to agree. True64 has some issues with building from source, but other
> than that, it is VERY stable. I was very disappointed to hear that HP is
> dumping it. Too bad that they won't open-source it. Maybe enough of the code
> will make it into HP-UX to make it more OSF-ish. I had an old 175Mhz DEC
> workstation (running KDE) & a 800mhz Windows box on my desk, and I still
> swear I could get things done faster on the DEC box.
Jerry Feldman <gaf at>
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