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Producing patches with CVS

Hey folks,

I have a project I work on and it's kept in CVS on my local server.  Up
to this point, I have always committed all recent changes, tagged
the commit, and built a giant tar ball to release the newest code base.
This required that anyone who is playing with my software constantly
do an upgrade.  Now I'm hoping to start doing interim patches.

Initially, I was hoping that something like this would work:

	cvs diff -c -r "last-release" -r "todays-release" > patch.diff

and then someone who installed my stuff could simply

	cd install-dir
	patch < patch.diff

Howerver, that starts prompting for filenames to patch, and even though it
it works... it's not very glamourous.

Are there handy tools (like makepatch) that work well with CVS?  Or maybe
I'm just not using the right options (context vs. uni diff crap)...

All comments/suggestions welcome.

- christoph

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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