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Linux vs FreeBSD, and other *NIXes

On Tue, 25 Jun 2002, Kent Borg wrote:

> I can imagine that Open BSD is more secure--and certainly only putting
> what one needs on a server is a wise way to be safe, but I have been
> farting around to educate myself.  If I pruned my box back to what I
> *needed* I would pull the power cord.
> A kitchen-sink distribution (like Red Hat) has the advantage of being
> a vast library that Red Hat watches for security holes (I just have to
> watch Red Hat for their updates).  It is very nice, on seeing some
> cool program mentioned on a mailing list, to discover I already have
> it installed.
> Red Hat seems to have been a good choice for me.  I would like to
> learn more about the BSDs, however.

Someone on another list forwarded me a very good reason to prefer FreeBSD.

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