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installing Linux on existing drive

Funny, that's what the PM docs for "Installing a second OS" said too. So 
I'll create a couple ext partitions (512 MB swap + remainder primary) in a 
logical partition & just assign them in the RH installer. Thanks for the 


At 03:26 PM 6/29/2002 -0400, Jerry Feldman wrote:
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>LILO also no longer has the 104 cyl restriction.
>Normally, when splitting an existing Windows partition, after shrinking it,
>I either leave the remaining space available and let the Linux partitioner
>do it, or I create a swap and native partition with partition magic. I
>usually set my Linux partitions up as logical partitions, not primary.
>Then, when installing, I bypass the Linux partitioner and simply assign the
>mount points and tell installer to format. (I never liked Red Hat's disk
>druid. I always went directly to fdisk).
>Derek Atkins wrote:
> > With RH7.3 and Grub you do not need a primary partition before
> > cyl 1024...  That's an old bug and is no longer relevant.
> >
> > Did you use PM to unparitition, or is the end-data partitioned in some
> > funky manner?  What error does Disk Druid give you?
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