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Selective control of net access in SOHO LAN

Why not just un-plug the kids computer from the hub?

-Warren Agin
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From: "Bill Horne" <bill at>
To: "BLU Discuss" <discuss at>
Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 8:50 PM
Subject: Selective control of net access in SOHO LAN

> Thanks for reading this: I've got an unusual problem and am asking for
> My sister has just started working at home, with an ADSL line and computer
> provided by her boss. She gets to use the line for personal stuff, but
> to retain the same control of her children's access that she had before.
> Previously, she had a Windows 98 machine with dialup access to the net,
> Internet Connection Sharing installed to allow her children's machine to
> access. She monitored and limited their access by the simple expedient of
> not logging on to her ISP if their homework wasn't done, but now that
> isn't available, since she has to be online sometimes when they're home.
> Here's the new setup:
> 1. ADSL Modem
> 2. Linksys BEFSR41 Router/Ethernet switch
> 3. All three computers connected directly to the Linksys.
>    A. Her "work" machine, which requires constant access to the net.
> (Machine A)
>    B. Her "home" machine, for her use. (Machine B)
>    C. The kids' machine. (Machine C)
> Here's what she wants to do:
> 1. Printer sharing still available between machines A, B, and C at all
> times. Printer attached to machine B.
> 2. Software control of machine C access to the net.
>   A. If possible, control of applications (IM, etc.)
>   B. If possible, options to make control automatic by time of day/day of
> week, with manual override.
> 3. Shareware/freeware solution.
> These are the solutions I've considered:
> 1. "Parental control" software on machine C.
> 2. Windows based routing software on machine B. (Assumes machine C MAC
> address blocked from net in Linksys).
> 3. Linux router between machine C and rest of LAN.
> Each solution has pros and cons: please tell me what has worked for you,
> suggest alternatives I haven't thought of. Thanks in advance.
> Bill
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> Bill Horne
> 781 784-7287
> I'm a LAN/WAN Specialist and I'm looking for a job. Please tell your
> friends.
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