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What's the best distribution?

Some people called trouble, I called fun.Debian is fun and gentoo is
also really fun to work with. now it depends how much you dominate   
GNU/Linux it will be trouble or a matter of simple doing what you do
anyways but all at once in the instalation.
When I do a Instalation on any distribution(usually none of them is 100%
to my needs ) I end up using them as base for my own system, so I end up
wasting more time that way than downloading Gentoo and doing it all at
once and leave it installing for a night, when I come back in the
morning is all set. since you get to add your own  compiler options in a
configuration file gentoo uses, so you don't need to be phisically there
in the instalation of each component. the result a system compiled from
the grown up for your hardware, like you want it to be, and with only
the software you really need, and the software version you like. no need
to wait for a RPM to have the latest stable kernel,Apache,mysql  gnome
or Xfree if you use it as a desktop. dependencys problems? 0... problems
after the instation 0... how easie is to update? simple type
-emerge rsync to update your list of gentoo ftp ready scripts to
-emerge --update system
-emerge --update world

run that everynight and you have a system updated every day from
now I have to agree that to run a system like that is better to know
really well how the GNU/Linux system works and be able to configure all
software with out the need of any X or User friendly configuration
tools. (just the way I think every UNIX sysadmin "MUST KNOW" anyways).

of course this i just my opinion and what it makes me happy. 
so yes I vote Gentoo and Debian 3.0.   

On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 14:38, Chris Tresco wrote:
> I find that using source in building all your linux tools will get you
> into lots of trouble with dependencies and redundant packages.  I prefer
> debian because of its lightness out of the box and because of apt, which
> is awesome.  I thought Gentoo wasn't worth the trouble.
> On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 13:55, rek2 wrote:
> > I also find Debian and Gentoo as my favorites distribution as I may be a
> > old school but I like Source code and to have a system like I want not
> > like they have package it and if I do need to use packages Debian is the
> > best for that. and if for some reason tht package bothers me I download
> > the source code and use thge ./configure option with flags to add the
> > binarys to the right place. About obscure options I have no problem with
> > that, it happends that I like to study and read a lot of books, was a
> > AIX and Solaris user before I started to use  GNU/Linux in 1994, in
> > those days took me a while to get GNU/Linux 100% dominated, so if you
> > did in those days, today you will not have any problem, sinse today some
> > distributions of GNU/Linux make it almost for dummys.LOL
> > 
> > 
> > reK2.
> > 
> > 
> > On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 13:01, Bob Keyes wrote:
> > > personally, I find Debian to be the best. Not to say I don't have issues
> > > with it, but I like the fact that the package system actually works, that
> > > it is really easy to follow either a stable branch or an advanced branch
> > > of updates, that it works very well in text mode (handy for servers),
> > > and supports ham radio well. What I don't like is the rough edges -- too
> > > many dialog boxes that ask for obscure settings. I am a pretty technical
> > > user but am still put off by all this, I imagine it would be quite
> > > disheartening to the novice user. Though most of the time you just choose
> > > the default and things are fine. I also don't like the fact that a lot of
> > > cruft is added on as a default -- I don't like emacs for instance, why do
> > > I get it by default? However this is a common problem with operating
> > > systems these days so it doesn't rank that high on hits against debian.
> > > The last thing that annoys me is this insistance on GNU/Linux. I want to
> > > call it linux, and will. I don't want to get into a political discussion
> > > so I'll drop it here.
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