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ext2 Advice

> Why external? So if there is a fire you can
> grab it going out the door.

Not a good idea.  If there's a fire the only thing you should worry about getting out the door is yourself.  Better to keep two copies of the backup.  The first one stays by your computer and the second stays off-site (the parents house, the office, the woodshed, whatever).  Once a week (or month) swap the two copies.  If the disk fries, you have the current data, but you're not set back more than a week even if the whole site is lost.

Now if I only had some data important enough to bother backing it up.  :-)

As for the original poster, I wish we had something better than lame advice about what he should have done.  Trouble is that when the disk goes bad it's pretty much too late.

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