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ATTBI just changed DNS servers, but did they break prorocol to be friendly?

> see the new servers and you are set.  My question is: how many of you
> got the AT&T splash page saying you got there (the splash page) because
> you are doing a static resolver thing and need to change your DNS
> settings?  How does that work?

I ran into that the other day when I booted into Win2k for the first time
in 3 months, any address I tried to reach would reply with the same IP for
the splash page (I assume authoritatively).  I thought it was nice of them
to send a letter to my home a month ago saying that the DNS servers were
changing (having seen a notice of it a month before that somewhere on
their support site) and that they had noticed my IP was still using the
old ones, and that I should renew my DHCP client or change my DNS settings
manually.  This was before and unrelated to the change today, which my
gateway hasn't picked up yet from its DHCP client, but I run an internal
nameserver anyway (which Win2k wasn't using at the time, hence the error a
few days ago).

Brian J. Conway
bconway at

"LINUX is obsolete"
     - Andrew S. Tanenbaum, creator of Minix - Jan 29, 1992

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