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Text from Linuxsecurity. site.

I think this text have a lot to say. in my opinion... this is what I
call back to the future politics.. when something believed to be in the
pass and think that everyone had learn from the shame of it... it comes

----copy and paste text----------
We used to worry chiefly about people in neurotic countries like China
and Saudi Arabia, where the mere possession of forbidden information or
politically inconvenient materials can result in criminal action. But
now, in the wake of the 9/11 atrocity, we in the enlightened West have
narrowed the gap. In Europe there is a movement underway to mandate data
retention for all carriers. In the USA electronic surveillance orders
which used to require a judge's approval are now available for the
asking. Black bag jobs are going mainstream. Librarians have been
conscripted into rat duty for the Ashcroft/Ridge Black and Tans, and
risk prosecution if they so much as whisper about the loathsome things
they're now forced to do in the name of Homeland Security. A recent
report by the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) court of
appeals found that the FBI had lied like children about their evidence
on over seventy recent occasions to get surveillance warrants they
weren't entitled to, and that all happened before 9/11. Western
governments are exploiting 9/11, making every move towards
authoritarianism that they can get away with, and will only continue to
test the waters and grant themselves ever more authority to regulate our
lives and supervise our private affairs. The convenient myth of
cyber-terrorism is never far removed from the rhetoric of bureaucrats
and politicians. The momentum is all wrong, and building steadily. 

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