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Flashing a linksys router from Linux

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On Fri, 8 Nov 2002, Jerry Feldman wrote:

> This has been discussed before, but I forgot the result.
> The issue was authentication. The protocol is tftp. 
> If anyone has done it successfully, could you post the procedure?

   I _JUST_ did this (immediately after reading your message), and here's 
the way I did it.

** Just to be safe, I'd do these steps with the router off of the network. 
(ie, connected only to the machine with the update)

- - Log into the router's config page and clear the admin password.

- - From the linux box run: 
$ tftp [router ip]
> mode binary
> put code.bin
   You should see something like:
Sent 649216 bytes in 30.6 seconds
- - Exit the tftp client

  At this point I did a factory reset on the router.  It may or may not 
be necessary, but I think the instructions suggest it.  Set the computer 
to the right address for the factory configs ( on mine), 
connect to the router, and restore your settings.

   There is also a method to imbed the password in the tftp request, or to 
patch tftp to authenticate properly.  I've found that clearing and 
resetting the password is just easier.

- -- 
Matthew J. Brodeur                                             RHCE, GSEC
MBrodeur at                   

The solution of this problem is trivial and is left as an exercise for
the reader.

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