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stuck again

On Monday 11 November 2002 10:53 pm, Robert P. Sarao wrote:
> Building a Pentium 2 with a 9 gig scsi drive and RH7.2 will not load. We
> have done a format using scsi disk utilities and set the partitions to both
> empty and extf2 for the hard drive but we still cannot load RH. I know it's
> something real simple that is very obvious to you all but it has been a
> show stopper for the two of us for two days... Just a play machine so he
> can learn Linux but I would like to get him going. Drop me a note if you
> need more information. Thank you for all of your help.

You have to give us a LOT more information.

What messages are you seeing?

What do you mean you can't load RH?  
 You can't install it?
 The installer starts but can't figure out where to put things?
 You installed it but can't boot off of it?
 The boot loader sees it but can't load it?

When you do the install, what disk partitioning tool are you using?  fdisk, or 
disk druid?

Is the SCSI card supported by the install kernel?  What about the installed 

Are you doing a text install or a graphical install?

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