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further random questions from the newly-unemployed

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Jerry Feldman <gaf at> writes:

> Unfortunately so, but Open Office does a reasonably good job of producing 
> MS Word format documents. Not 100% but pretty decent.
> Derek Martin wrote:
> > Not really so.  Many companies who use word extensively have macros
> > that do the searching for them.  For this reason, many companies
> > insist upon resumes in word format.  This causes me no end of
> > annoyance.

I just recently tried xmlresume, a package I found on 
I rewrote my resume in its xml format, and it outputs nicely formatted 
plain-text, html, and pdf, and can optionally generate a decent 
rtf-formatted file that OpenOffice easily turns into an MSWord file.
The rtf option uses a closed-source java jar file from a third party 
that's available for personal use. 

The one nit I have with this process is the OpenOffice step. Aside from 
that, I have everything working beautifully just by typing "make". 
I'd *really* like a command-line process to turn the rtf file into 
a .doc file so I could add that to the Makefile. OpenOffice seems to 
produce the clanest MSWord files in the Linux world, but as far as I 
know, there's no way to use its capabilities non-interactively.

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