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Document Formats and Recruiting

I think you guys are asking a lot of staffing firms, HR and "management".

Are U kidding?  Those folks typically don't know anything beyond windows.

Direct managers and engineers may be cool, but the larger places
are firmly entrenched in the current establishment, don't you think?
It's just a tool.  Who cares what kind of car you drive?

What is important is that you can get your message across in terms and formats
they can easily understand; how you do it is irrelevant.

OK hit me for thinking and saying it out loud...

Chuck Young
Security Consulting
Genuity E-Services

> | I dunno that I'd want a job at a place that can't figure out how to
> | read an RTF file! Any more than I'd want a job at a place that required
> | me to wear a tie. I know in this climate it's hard for beggars to be
> | choosers, but ya gotta draw the line somewhere, don't you?)
> Well, I'd think that the real problem is:  If they want  MS
> Word  format, that implies that they're pretty much a total
> MS shop. If they really used other systems, they'd be aware
> of the problems with Word docs.  So unless you're a Windows
> hacker, you'd probably be a minor player with no connection
> to management.

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