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further random questions from the newly-unemployed

I've seen some strange stuff. Today, I think that most HR people should be 
competent enough to bring up MS Word from their email client. However, I've 
seen good competent people in an engineering environment with email 
programs that could not convert Base64 attachments. I always had to send 
uuencoded documents to that person. 

Since RTF is text, if sent incorrectly it can suffer the same type of 
mangling that occurs in the body of email, which is one reason when I want 
to send something of any format, I force it to be an attachment and 
sometimes force Base64 (or uuencode if it is appropriate). 

Also, email servers at some companies might be an IBM mainframe using EBDIC and not ASCII, so things can get mutilated. 
On 20 Nov 2002 at 11:26, Jonathan Arnold wrote:
> I dunno that I'd want a job at a place that can't figure out how to
> read an RTF file! Any more than I'd want a job at a place that required
> me to wear a tie. I know in this climate it's hard for beggars to be
> choosers, but ya gotta draw the line somewhere, don't you?)

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