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Cable modem service in Boston

Well, according to the guy working in a manhole in front of my house I'm 
going to finally be able to get broadband in the North End! I tried DSL (RA 
and I flavors) but there are "no facilities in the CO". Wireless was just 
too darn expensive ($150/mo for 144/144 was the cheapest I found). And 
leased lines are really out of sight for residential customers. Cable 
modems were my last hope, with ATT Broadband saying it would be available 
"by the end of the year". A call to customer service this morning confirmed 
that they will have sales people coming by in a week or two to encourage 
people to upgrade. I had them put my name first on the list. :-)

The cool thing is that all (new) services will now run over the A wire. 
Eventually the B wire will be phased out, but analog service is mandated by 
the franchise agreement for ~10 years. So I could get a cable modem, and 
digital TV for the LR TV and stick with analog for the BR. I'm so excited I 
feel like a little kid!

Since ATT Broadband is now going to be Comcast, does anyone have experience 
with Comcast's service? And more specifically, what are the gotchas in 
ATT/Comast TOS agreements? Am I going to have to run my home server on a 
high port? How often should I expect my IP address to change? What kind of 
outage record do they have? Thanks for any tips you have.

Drew Taylor                | Web development & consulting | perl/mod_perl/DBI/mysql/postgres
"If you don't know what your program is supposed to do,
you'd better not start writing it."  -Edsger Dijkstra
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