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mag reel tape (was Re: Boston Linux Conference December 3-4)

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"Travis Roy" <travis at> writes:

> two biggest customers still send us lists on 1/2" mag reel tape. Of
> course we do all our work on very old AS/400 (we're getting a new one
> next week). Actually, anybody know much about the whole AS/400 stuff?

That reminds me, a while back when I was digging through my storage room, 
I ran across a few old 9-track tapes with backups of my college course 
I emailed a friend who still works there, to see if I could bring the 
over there to read and copy to my laptop, so I could ultimately burn them 
onto CDR before the tapes decayed away. However, they no longer have any 
equipment for reel tapes.

While it's not a particularly big priority, it would be kinda nice to 
recover the contents of the tapes at some point, if they're still 
Is there any chance I could bring them over sometime to read them?
Or if not, does anyone else have access to a 9-track tape drive that 
I could borrow a little time on?


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