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ssh (open)

Back to square one.

As you can see in my original post I'm being asked for my user password, 
not the passphrase I used to setup the keys. I checked my .ssh directory 
on the remote Linuxbox which is 0700 and found that the keys were not 
0600 but the default umask. I changed them to 0600 and then again tried 
to login from my cygwin machine, and was still asked for my password.
Maybe I am missing the basic setup concept.
Here is my basic setup:
On my cygwin box my HOME  is set in the NT environment via the value of 
%HOME% which is not my username on that machine.
On the Linux box my home is in the traditional location and contains the 
.ssh directory as described above.
Before I even worry about setting up ssh-agent I would like to get to 
the point of being asked for my pass-phrase when logging in to the 
Linuxbox from the NTcygwinbox.

As can be seen in my original post ssh complains that it cannot creat 
the /home/Johndoe/.ssh directory. Where does it want to creat it as it 
does not exist?

Well I will reread the documentation and see if the problem becomes 

Jim Kelly-Rand

John Abreau wrote:

>After this, when you run ssh (or sftp, scp, etc), it will check with 
>ssh-agent for an authorized key, and won't ask you for a password unless 
>it can't find one.
>I'm assuming here that your DSA key is actually set up and working, 
>and that you're being prompted for the key's passphrase and not your 
>regular login password. If that's not the case, then the problem is 
>your DSA key isn't set up correctly. The first thing I'd check is the 
>directory and file permissions on both ends; openssh ignores the DSA 
>keys if it thinks the permissions are insecure. I always chmod my .ssh
>directories to 0700 and all files within them to 0600.
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