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problem with Redhat 8.0, Apache, mod_perl, libapreq

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I'm trying to install RequestTracker on a Redhat 8.0 box, and I'm getting 
stuck on libapreq, the perl module that provides Apache::Cookie. 

Whether I'm trying it from the rt build, or via -MCPAN, or by building
libapreq by hand from the tarball, it fails when running "perl 

    Can't locate Apache/ in @INC ........

Apparently Apache::MyConfig is supposed to be part of mod_perl, but 
there's no trace of it on the system, and mod_perl seems to be 
running fine. The rpm is installed, and when I created the /var/www/perl 
directory and dropped a hello world perl script in it, the script 
ran correctly when tested in a browser.

Has anyone else run into this problem and found a workaround? The best 
I can guess is that perhaps libapreq just doesn't work with apache 2.x, 
and that I can't run RequestTracker on Redhat 8.0 without downgrading 
to an older apache/mod_perl combo. I'm hoping that's not actually the case.


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