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[] Re: problem with Redhat 8.0, Apache, mod_perl, libapreq

Last I heard, it is Perl that needs to ripen.  Specifically, there are 
still remaining issues in the interpreter that prevent multiple Perl 
instances within the same process.  As you would expect, this causes 
problems for threaded MPMs.  I read that the final fixes are due w/ 5.8.1.

FWIW, I have mod_perl2 installed in Apache 2.0.40 and it runs fine on the 
odd test program on Win2k (threaded).  If you want to avoid threading 
issues, the "prefork" MPM (which gives you Apache 1 style single threaded 
worker processes) should be stable.

There are some API changes, so you may still need a new version of any 3rd 
party Perl modules that run under mod_perl.  There is a "compatibility" 
mode, however, which may work for you.  See for the details on 
migrating mod_perl apps from 1.0 to 2.0.

take it easy,

At 04:27 PM 11/27/2002 -0500, John Abreau wrote:

>pll at writes:
> > *mod_perl* doesn't work with Apache2.x yet.  You
> > need to downgrade to apache1.x if you want/need
> > mod_perl to work.  See the apache website
> > for more info.
>Yup, that seems to be the consensus. I guess I'll try 
>installing  RequestTracker on a different machine for now, and give 
>apache2 a couple more months to ripen.

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