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On Monday 10 November 2003 6:15 pm, eric wrote:
> hi.  both answers i got were great, thanks.  i learned about '.' and
> cleared up some confusion i had about PATH.  thanks.

You got some good answers, but I would like to give you one more tip based on 
what I *think* you're doing.

Usually . ( the current directory) is in the $PATH for regular users, however 
it is almost never in the $PATH for root, for the safety reasons already 
mentioned.   Since . is not in your path, I will assume you are logged in as 

You won't find this in a lot of manuals, but as a good practice, you should 
only be root when you have to.    Since you have multiple screens, just log 
one in as root and only use it for things you need to be root for.  This 
greatly reduces the change of "Bad Things Happening To Good People".

DDDD   David Kramer                 
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DKK D  risk, even a modest one, after all that has happened in the
DK KD  ecommerce sector, is inspiring.  They might almost be
DDDD   capable of becoming Red Sox fans"               -Keith Regan

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