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Fedora Q

I used BitTorrent and it worked great. On my Comcast cable modem line I
got a consistent 170kByte/sec download. Just allow it to 'ramp up' for a
couple minutes. It starts slow but after a minute or two, you will have
the full speed.

(also: I am willing to provide free CD sets for self-pickup if someone
doesn't want to spend al lthe time downloading them ;-) )

On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 16:17, eric wrote:
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> david, i see the other guys answered your question on the terminology.
> aren't you an old redhat guy?  i just downloaded fedora yarrow i386 (3
> cds), i'll mail you a copy (for free) if you want.  also, i just used a
> gFTP to get the iso (the redhat site and mirrors were very crowded), but
> i see alot of folks on the fedora mail lists using 'bit torrent'.  has
> anybody else tried it?  is it worth using?  -eric.
> David Kramer wrote:
> | Is "core 1" a production release or a release candidate?  I could not find
> | an explanation of their "core" terminonlogy on their website.  I get the
> | impression that "release" becomes a fuzzy word, as they are doing the
> freebsd-
> | style where there are not many releases, just a lot of updates that can be
> | installed.
> |
> | Any feedback on it?
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