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quick note on Fedora

I've been pretty impressed by most of Fedora as well.  There have been 
some great improvements over previous releases.  There are quite a few 
things that are still rather buggy though.

I love the RandR support in Gnome (not really redhat specific, but still 
nice).  Shared machines can now automatically set to different resolutions 
based on who logs into it.  This will be great for my families computer.

Redhat also added NTPL (new threading library) support into the kernel 
and it's program.  It's probably the biggest change to the kernel, and 
ended up speeding things up nicely.

A lot more hardware is autodetected.  It looks like they did a bunch of 
work on hotplug scripts for autoloading of kernel modules.  A lot of 
modules I used to have to load by hand work automatically now.

I like the new music ripper (soundjuicer) and music player (rhythmbox).

The up2date program now supports apt and yum repositories, making it a bit 
easier to setup your own update server, or to pull in custom packages.

As for problems..

My sony Clie now causes kernel panics

Soundjuicer seems to require a restart after each cd, or it doesn't 
extract tracks correctly.

Firstboot hasn't been showing up properly for me when the machine is first 

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003, Stephen Adler wrote:

> I just installed Fedora and I'm sending this e-mail out from it.
> Hey... I like it. The fonts in evolution are nicely rendered and
> the kernel it comes with seems to have a better memory management
> system. Mozilla seems to pop up much more quickly than under
> red hat 9. This is basically running fedora right out of the
> box (and doing a upgrade on top of my pc running red hat 9)
> Cheers. Steve.
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