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Update from my personal hell

On Thu, Nov 13, 2003 at 09:00:35AM -0500, Brian J. Conway wrote:
> > > Because I tend to open a lot of terminals, so Konsole's tabbed
> > > interface having many terminals open in one application with easy
> > > switching works for me, I haven't seen another program that does that.

That's interesting...  Personally, I find having lots of terminal
windows to be very confusing.  More than two or three is usually more
than I need.  But that's me...

> > Yes, that is also an excellent feature of Konsole, but with the KDE task
> > bar, you can do a similar thing. 
> Screen, baby. ;-)  All the advantages of tabs, but you can reconnect to a 
> terminal from anywhere you have remote access.

Bingo.  And even better, if your session is interrupted by a network
outage, you don't lose your session.  screen + xterm rocks.

Derek D. Martin
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