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Update from my personal hell

Derek Martin writes:
| On Thu, Nov 13, 2003 at 01:45:40AM -0500, David Kramer wrote:
| > -Cut and paste is not working in a consistent way, especially in Konsole where
| > I need ot the most.
| You could use xterm instead.  It's better than either konsole or
| gnome-term in almost every conceivable way, IMNSHO.  A perfect case of
| "why try to fix what isn't broken" if you ask me.

Yeah; that's what I do.  But one problem  I  keep  stumbling  across:
Almost  every  linux  distribution has some terminal emulator that is
pushed instead of xterm, and xterm is  usually  hidden  so  that  you
waste  time  finding  it.  Often it's not to be found anywhere in the
menus, and it's not in the default user path.  So you have to fire up
the  approved  terminal  emulator, hunt around for xterm, and type an
'xterm' command.

And you need to take the time to add the directory to your  path,  so
you won't have to go through all that again later.

It's not that big a deal, but it's a waste of time at a  point  where
you're usually under a lot of pressure to get things up and running.

What would be handy is if we could get a campaign  going  to  try  to
persuade  the packagers of distros to always make the "generic" tools
like xterm easily available  via  both  the  default  menus  and  the
default user search path. This would make life a lot easier for those
of us who routinely work on a lot of different machines.

 <:#/> John Chambers
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