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DNS went haywire yesterday?

My nice new mail server's been running stable for months.  Yesterday my
Squirrelmail config hit a major speed bump:  most queries to Apache (be it
within Squirrelmail or otherwise, but I don't use my web server for much of
anything but mail) don't respond until about 20 or 30 seconds later.

I tried rebooting and restarting various apps.  The only thing which seemed to
help is disabling HostnameLookup in the httpd.conf file.  But I can't seem to
identify any other symptom, manual 'dig' queries work just fine.  And the
problem occurred whether or not I point resolv.conf to Comcast's servers or to
my own.

It's a mystery to me--nothing changed on my system until I rebooted at 67
days' uptime after the problem started to appear--and I'm just checking to see
if anyone else has noticed a problem with Apache 1.3.27 servers suddenly
acting up starting  24 hours ago.


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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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