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The "what were they thinking" department

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On 20 Nov 2003 10:07:52 -0500
kclark at (Kevin D. Clark) wrote:

> Not that I want to get into a flame-war or anything, but I think that
> the GDB folks are going to have to fix this.
> My reasoning:  GCC emits multiple functions to implement ctors so it
> can implement virtual base classes in such a way that the code is
> compatable with the new C++ ABI.  However, other compilers can
> generate code like this as well. Since gdb purports to support C++
> binaries produced by compilers other than the gcc family, gdb will
> have to be enhanced in this area.
I think you are correct. GDB has been adopted as the standard debugger
by some vendors, such as HP. HP's WDB is simply a graphical front end to

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