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IMAP problems with SuSE 9.0

David Kramer wrote:
> On Monday 02 February 2004 11:06 pm, miah wrote:
>>If squirrelmail doesnt support SSL, what you can do is stunnel port 143 ->
>>993 on your imap host.
> Squirrelmail supports SSL
> It does not suport STARTTLS, which that version of uw-imap requires.

Thanks for the clarification. It's certainly less than optimal that two 
components don't play nicely with each other right out of the box, 
though; it shows that the distro could use a bit more testing before 

I suppose that sort of thing is one of the things you're paying for if 
you buy one of the more expensive commercial packages (SuSE Standard 
Server or Enterprise Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, etc); that 
they'll test for that sort of problem, or at least fix it when you complain.

At any rate, I now have a solution that works well enough for my site. 
(As explained earlier, I rebuilt imap.) Now I just have to watch out 
that YOU doesn't try to update imap, and all will be well until the next 
version comes along.

By the way, I did eventually figure out how to get Mozilla to work using 
SSL ("use secure connection" on, "use secure authentication" OFF - it's 
okay, since a cleartext password is still secure if sent over SSL), 
though it complains once per session about the untrusted certificate. I 
could fix that by importing the cert into  Mozilla; just haven't gotten 
around to it yet.

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