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Banning IPs from Apache?

On Thu, 5 Feb 2004, Duane Morin wrote:

> Recently I'm experiencing nasty load problems on my home web server for
> reasons I have yet to determine.  But I do see that my access logs are
> full of the usual worm traffic.  Can somebody point me in the right
> direction (or just give me the quick tutorial) on whether I can tell
> Linux or Apache ASAP "here's a bunch of IPs that I dont want you to
> respond to at all?"  What's the optimal way of making sure that these
> hits don't kill your server (or even interfere with its usual
> operation)? 

You could probably get about what you want with a [huge?] "Deny from ..." 
directive in Apache's main server config, but this is probably the wrong
way to go about things: it'll be annoying to maintain (you'll probably
have to restart Apache whenever you add a new host, etc) and this does
nothing for traffic coming in that isn't directed at your web server.

As others have noted, your firewall is probably the right place for this. 

Chris Devers

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