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Two Questions

Thanks for all of the responses.

'cause you asked:

Laptop ( wireless)
                            4-port switch 192.168.0.x subnet -- eth1 -- 
RH92 --eth0 ---  Linksys 4-port +  802.11b  (192.168.1.x ) 
|                                    |                                \
Laser Printer                cable modem               Kid's-Wife's  PC

 I agree with Jerry it doesn't make sense for that reason.  I just don't 
have a lot of experience configuring Samba. Basically,
I read a few more pages in the O'reilly book every other month then I 
play. I was just wondering if anybody else had experienced
this. BTW the disk share have never been a problem it's only after a 
reboot that the W2K box can't find the printer til I
"./S57smb restart".

If I find out what stupid thing I'm doing I let you all know.

So I guess I just live with the KVM behavior :)

Thanks again.


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>On Thu, 05 Feb 2004 22:12:44 -0500
>"Richard R. Malloy" <rrmalloy at> wrote:
>>    I have a home network with a RH 9 system connected to a W2K and 
>>another RH9 system (all dual PIIIs) connected via
>>    a linksys switch. Internet connectivity is via a linksys wireless 
>>4-port  switch. My daughters laptop connects wirelessly (running
>>     XP home).
>>    I'm using a cheap KVM switch to access the other two systems. I've
>>been having two problems for a while that I haven't been able
>>    to  solvw  satisfactorially.
>What do you mean by "RH 9 system connected to a W2K". How, dual NICS in
>the RH system? Your connections seem convoluted. Is the Linksys switch
>connected to one o the LAN ports of the Linksys wireless? 
>>        1) each time I reboot the main RH9 system, running smbd and 
>>nmbd, I need to restart samba and reconfig the W2K printer
>>             to be able to print from the windows systems. (i'll 
>>follow-up with the exact smb config as needed.) Has anyone else seen
>This doesn't make sense, because a reboot reruns the Samba daemons. 
>>        2) every other time I point the KVM switch to either of the
>>        RH9 
>>systems from another system (RH9 or W2k)
>>            (also a problem when these were running RH8) I need to   
>>crtl-alt-<not 7> then cntl-alt-7 to reset the mouse
>>             any thought?
>This sounds like a Belden KVM. I've seen this type of problem with them.
>I have a cheap Linksys KVM where I did have a problem with my laptop
>after my laptop went into standby mode, but the desktop system remained
>stable. Another possibility is the W2K system might be running the mouse
>at a different speed than the RH system.
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