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Milestone success with PVR250 (ivtv)

On Feb 12, 2004, at 11:34 AM, Matthew Valites wrote:

>> I've got a Gentoo box running mythTV with a WinTV-D, which I'm using 
>> as a straight bt878 card. I'm not all that excited by the quality. 
>> Actually, I'm a bit disappointed. Also, the s-video out on the 
>> motherboard doesn't seem to overscan enough to fill the screen on the 
>> TV. There are vertical black bands on the left and right. I haven't 
>> figured out how to fix that. What are you using for TV out, if 
>> anything?
> I'm using a Shuttle-pc, with the onboard s-video savage out.  I have 
> the same lack of overscanning problems and have posted a few times to 
> the mythtv users list to find solutions.  However, it seems that 
> functionality has not been added to the driver.  I agree that it makes 
> watching very poor, but I'm hoping in the new release of the savage 
> driver it will have support for overscanning.

Oh! I have the same (a Shuttle with Savage). I've got an SK-41G. Are 
new Savage drivers due out soon? A very funny thing: I discovered that 
using the S-video to RCA-video adapter that came with my WinTV card on 
the Shuttle really washed the colors out, so they were almost B&W. When 
I switched and used the adapter that came with my Shuttle, the colors 
suddenly came back. Of course I still have contrast and overscan 
issues. I connect directly via SVideo now.

Re: 4 gb vs 10 gb files: Could it be Animation vs live action 
recording? I think animation would compress much better than live 
action. Low motion vs. action would also affect compression.

Bush/Cheney '04:
Thanks for not paying attention.

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