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linux and intervlan routing

Hello, for now I'm shelving the linux voice messaging project ....
any how,
I don't want to spend the money for a router with 802.1q capabilities (yet).
I know of freesco. I know of vlan support as of 2.4. What I don't know is a.) does freesco support 802.1q? (I'm not interested in proprietary ISL or VLT etc.) I know freesco supports multiple virtual adresses. I couldn't find any good documentation on linux as a router. What I'm going to do is use 2 nics, one to the dsl the other as the router on a stick. Get one nic to pass traffic to and from the internet (I smell NAT) and use the second nic to route between three vlans over 3com switches (supporting 802.1q). If I had reasonable clients I wouldn't be writing this. Instead of paying me the money to purchase the wheel, they would rather pay me the money to watch me reinvent it.
Thanks for any help in advance...I could really use a good pointer to linux routing documentation. 

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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