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jerk w/questions after only 4 hours...

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hi, if anybody is up tonight and very bored please feel free to email me
about this off list.  it's only for play and not for work.  i'll be up
'till about 2.

what i want is for tripwire to email a report to me using postfix.  i'm
using comcast with a dynamic ip.  all i want is for postfix to do it's
local stuff and mail out one report.  (warning; i've been using postfix
for about 4 hours, really).

here's what i've done so far:

1.  in /etc/tripwire/twcfg.txt i changed
MAILPROGRAM            =/usr/sbin/sendmail -oi -t
MAILPROGRAM            =/usr/sbin/postfix -oi -t

i then ran /usr/sbin/twadmin --create-cfgfile -S site.key
/etc/tripwire/twcfg.txt (to update my twcfg.txt file)

2.  in /etc/postfix/  i changed
#myorigin = $myhostname
myorigin = $235u at
(i left the dollar sign, is that correct?  also, i only did this step
because i read on, "If you do not have your own hostname (as
with dynamic IP addressing) and must send mail as user at")

3.  in /etc/postfix/  i changed
#relayhost =
relayhost =
(i did this step in hopes to tell postfix what server to use.  is it

i stopped there, realizing i've made no backups of the text files i'm
screwing with and got nervous.  if what i've done is correct, which i
doubt, what should i do about wanting a user and
password?  thanks for any tips, even if it's just a link to something
related.  -eric.
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