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dealing with inbox clutter

On Mon, Feb 16, 2004 at 09:42:13AM -0500, Mike Gorse wrote:
> So it would be nice if I could make messages expire by a 
> certain date and have them automatically removed from my inbox after that 
> date has passed.  
> Do any mail clients have a feature that will do this?

The Mutt e-mail client can do this, probably more than one way.  It's
a question that comes up fairly frequently on the mutt-users mailing
list, so if you search the archives you should find some solutions to
that exact problem.

Mutt has many other features to recommend it, too.  It's text-based,
so you can use it remotely quite easily.  It is also probably the most
configurable mail client in existence.  It has excellent support for
PGP, for mailing lists, and some other really neat stuff.  You can
change any configuration variable on a per-message basis, based on
who you are sending it to, which folder you are reading mail in, or
other factors.  It uses your favorite editor (vi by default, but you
can use anything) to compose e-mail, so you do not need to learn yet
another set of editing key sequences...  It can also very easily make
use of external programs to process your mail.  And if you find
yourself frequently using some long sequence of commands, you can
define a macro for that sequence of commands, and bind the macro to
any key you want. 

Of course, the price of all this power is that it takes some time to
learn how to use it all.  But, if all you want to do is basic e-mail
reading, you can learn mutt very quickly.

In my opinion, if you are serious about e-mail, you should be using
mutt.  It either already does what you want, or it can be made to very
easily.  Within reason...  ;-)

Derek D. Martin
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