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Verizon DSL vs Comcast Cable

I second Don's opinions. I switched from Speakeasy to RCN because it 
was cheaper, we got cable (my room watches more TV than is healthy), 
and it was much faster.  I had Speakeasy because I ran a server, but I 
finally decided paying Dreamhost for hosting was a better way to go. 
RCN was a bit flakey (5-10 minute outages, every few days) when we 
first signed up, but I haven't noticed any network outages in 6 months. 
Overall I'm pretty satisfied with them.

My network has a Linksys router backing Windows, Linux, and Mac boxes. 
No problems.

On Feb 20, 2004, at 1:58 PM, Don Levey wrote:

> Ben  wrote:
>> RCN = bad. RCN was the only provider in my area for a while, and I
>> don't
>> have a good thing to say about them. They transparent proxy all the
>> webpages you visit, the don't allow inbound port 80 (which is common
>> these days, but I still hate it, it's why I went to Speakeasy), for a
>> long time, they routed our all our connections through San Franciso
>> (I sat on hold for a
>> long time complaining about that one), and for unknown reasons, out
>> latency between the 4th and 5th hops outside our apartment would
>> skyrocket (2s+).
> I use RCN.  I've not had most of the problems you mention.  They block
> inbound port 80 for their dynamic IPs.  They claim to permit it for
> static.  They also (tacitly) permit me to run my own mail server, and
> smart-host through them for outbound.  There have been some interesting
> DNS issues a while back, but I don't know if it was chiefly their
> problem, that of the cable modem, or my Linksys router/firewall.
>> Don't use RCN. I don't know if they have improved, but I would not
>> give
>> them a second chance.
> I have Comcast in my area.  Those who I know who use them wish they
> didn't.  Since they have outright dislike for them, that outweighs
> my vaguely negative feeling for RCN and I stick with them.
>> My SO uses Comcast, and its simple getting a Linksys router up on the
>> connection, so Linux shouldn't be hard either. They do have intresting
>> proxy issues though, but I haven't investigated.
>> 				~Ben
> I've not had any problem with my home network (Linux, Win) at RCN, 
>  -Don
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