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Verizon DSL vs Comcast Cable

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On Sat, 21 Feb 2004 10:10:36 -0500
Glenn Burkhardt <gbburkhardt at> wrote:

> I was interested in Speakeasy, since everyone has always had good
> things to say about it.  But oddly, they say they can't give me DSL
> service, but Verizon says they can.  So I think I'm stuck.
I think you should also consider bandwidth. 
Cable Modem (RCN/Comcast are providing 3Mbps down and about 300Kbps up).
Verizon DSL (AFAIK 768Kbps down, 256Kbps up). 
Speakeasy is advertising 1.5Mbps down.

In any case, from a Linux capability, most distributions will have zero
problems with all of the above. Note that the cable companies will give
you a small discount for multiple services. I switched from Verizon to
Comcast phone a while back and I am pleased. With Verizon, I always had
quite a bit of static, and with Comcast it is clear. 
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