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Verizon DSL vs Comcast Cable

On Saturday 21 February 2004 10:12 am, Derek Atkins wrote:
> David Kramer <david at> writes:
> >> I had to move from Speakeasy to RCN last year because my better half
> >> really wanted cable tv.  Ugh.
> >
> > Why drop speakeasy?  We have cable TV and speakeasy DSL.  I can't
> > possibly convey how strongly I like SpeakEasy.
> You mean that speakeasy will give you 2-3Mbps downstream connectivity???
> No?  Didn't think so.   But I can _consistently_ get this level of download
> capability on my RCN Cablemodem.

No, but they did recently DOUBLE my upstream and downstream speed for free.  I 
have about 1.5Mbs down now.  If you can consistently get that kind of speed 
out of your cablemodem you are exceptionally lucky.

I moved away from cablemodem and to SpeakEasy because (1) I wanted a static IP 
address (I have two now), (2) I wanted an ISP that not only permits servers, 
but actively supports Linux (both the community and users who have it), and 
(3) my area got cablemodem long enough ago that we have crappy hardware and I 
couldn't get speeds anywhere near 2-3Mbs downstream on a regular basis.  

But it's been such a pleasure to call first-line tech support and talk about 
Linux with them.  When I had a cablemodem, and I would call up to complain 
that my system was no longer listed in their DNS server so nobody could talk 
to my computer, they told me to reboot my computer.  Just a little different 
at SpeakEasy.  Sure you can get that level of knowledge from the "guy with a 
rack of hardware in his basement" ISP's but you never know when they'll go 

> As for latency, I can consistently get 30ms RTT from my house to MIT
> via 6 hops.  RCN is connected via the NOX, which gets me to lots of
> places quickly.  No, this isn't as fast as a T-1 (which gives me 1-4ms
> RTTs to MIT), but like I said for the 2-3Mbps downstream it's mighty
> handy for certain tasks.

That's good stuff.  I found a really big difference with SpeakEasy's DNS 
servers.  The DNS servers on my cablemodem service worked at the speed of the 
federal government.

> Also, I like RCN's basic cable service.  It's all unencrypted analog
> service.  I get EVERYTHING on 2-97 (modulo their analog
> HBO/Showtime/etc) without a cable box.  Can comcast do that?

Again, using cable for your TV is a separate issue from how you get your 
internet connection. I have cable TV and DSL for internet.

DDDD   David Kramer         david at
DKK D  "Virtue has its own reward, but has no sale at the box office."
DK KD                                                             --Mae West

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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