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md5sum of RH9 (shrike) disk 1

I have downloaded RHL 9, using wget, and I'm having trouble with the 
md5sum of disk 1 (shrike-i386-disc1.iso)  I've downloaded the file 
several times, most recently from and I keep coming up with 
the following md5sum:

[greg at brie disks]$ md5sum shrike-i386-disc1.iso
400c7fb292c73b793fb722532abd09ad  shrike-i386-disc1.iso

Here are the md5sums given on the rpmfind website (same as RedHat's site):

34048ce4cd069b624f6e021ba63ecde5  shrike-i386-disc1.iso
6b8ba42f56b397d536826c78c9679c0a  shrike-i386-disc2.iso
af38ac4316ba20df2dec5f990913396d  shrike-i386-disc3.iso
0727c51ab359dafa9ab31e0c50958aa6  shrike-SRPMS-disc1.iso
2ddd8e6a8502869cd2e78d47590b9be1  shrike-SRPMS-disc2.iso
f378cf68b22c3b9a64c86b5067511630  shrike-SRPMS-disc3.iso

disc two and three check out just fine, it's just the first one that 
doesn't verify for me.  Anyone else get these results?  I tried to 
download from a different source (ibiblio), but it was unacceptably 
slow.  Of course, you can never get a connection to RedHat b/c they are 
constantly at the anonymous user limit.

(I don't have bitorrent installed so I can't do that.)

btw, I just found a great bunch of anti-war slogans that you can add to 
fortune at ibiblio 

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