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ADVOCACY: Great article in CIO magazine

Apparently the online version is a month behind, but if you have the 
print version of CIO magazine there is a great article this month (March 
2004 issue) titled the 'Myths of Open Source'.  The article goes on to 
debunk the following myths, using case studies and quotes as support:

   1. The attraction is the price tag
   2. The savings aren't real
   3. There's no support
   4. It's a legal minefield
   5. Open source isn't for mission-critical applications
   6. Open source isn't ready for the desktop

I think the article is a good read, and a must-have for someone in the 
consulting area if you want a good piece of collateral to convince 
decision-makers that they too should look at Free Software as an option.

I'm giving a talk next week on this very subject (Who is using Free 
Software and Why) to small business owners.  If anyone has great case 
studies or examples, please send them to me off-list or post them 
directly on the freephile wiki: 
(registration required to edit pages)



We are 'Open' for Business
Free and Open Source Software
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