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X over ssh

Have you tried running an X client like xclock on the RH server to see
if it works?  The way its supposed to work (and has for me almost every
time) is the the DISPLAY environment variable on your RH machine
(technically in X it's the client) will be something like libranet:10
and so when you start an X client it should pipe the X protocol through
the SSH pipe to your Libranet machine (which is the X server) which
should do the appropriate X stuff.  If it doesn't work usually it's
because the client can't find the server (bad DNS or IP addresses) or
the DISPLAY environment variable isn't set right.

On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 17:33, Tom Lopolito wrote:
> My server is RH 9.0 running sshd. I can ssh into it from my laptop
> running Debian Libranet but can't figure out how to get X running on
> the client. The parameter in the sshd_conf file for XForwarding is set
> to yes on trhe sever. The similar value on the ssh_conf file is also
> set to yes. 
> -tom 

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