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Examination of a Linux Gui, w/color commentary

In an Ironic side twist, coincidental to one of the recently active threads
in gnhlug-discuss, ESR is examining the issues he encountered whilst
attempting to configure a printer using the CUPS GUI config tool.

ESR's point is that the folsk designing the GUI's need ot think at the
problem from a perspective much closer the user's point of view.

Further, ESR commits the "sacreligous blasphemy" of holding Windows up
as an example of the right way to do it!  

(GASP!  NO, Say its not true!)

And he's right.
Heres the article.  As usual its a fun read when Esr is on a small

The title is "The Luxury of Ignorance"

Jeff Kinz, Open-PC, Emergent Research,  Hudson, MA.  
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