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user migration

To anser a bunch of questions in one swell foop:

Both systems are Debian 3.0 stable. Shadowed md5 password. I tried
restarting ssh (/etc/init.d/ssh restart) and that made no difference.

The error I can when trying to ssh in is "Permission denied, please try
again." in /var/log/auth.log, I see "failed password" errors from sshd.

I have copied over /etc/ssh, /etc/pam.d, /etc/login.defs, /etc/shadow,
/etc/passwd all with rsync -a, so the modification dates, owners, and
privs are kept.

/etc/shells wasn't copied, but modified by hand. It seems to have the
appropriate entries.

If I change a users password on the destination system, the md5 hash is
changed, but the user still cannot log in. But root can.

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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