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Newbie Question, Edit - Writing

On Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 04:36:52PM -0500, karina.popkova at wrote:
> Hello
> I have a newbie question about writing and editing a manuscript.
> The Instructor mentioned using Adobe Framemaker.
> and listed a number of capabilities where Framemaker
> was more sophisticated than M$ Word.

Hello Karina,

You're discussing the differences between word processing and desktop
publishing (DTP) - MSWord is a word processor, FrameMaker is a DTP. Word
processors are good tools for writers; DTPs are good for publishers
but not for writers - they're much more complex, specialized for the
detailed nuances of laying out a publication... and I doubt you'll
find a publisher in the world who wants to receive a manuscript done in
FrameMaker or any other DTP.

Anyway, the best open source analogs to the two programs are OpenOffice
for word processing and Scribus for desktop publishing.


> The assignment is to write and format a White Paper.
> This involves enumerating paragraphs, footnotes etc.
> It would seem that this stuff might be done in a or with a template.
> It was indicated that while M$ Word does most of these things, 
> some of the functions are automatically updated and formatted in 
> Framemaker (and automatically accomodates changes).
> Is there an Open Source equivalent to Framemaker?
> What do Open Source people use for Desk Top Publishing?
> I have read here, about Open Office, but have not used it.
> On a 0 - 10 scale how does Open Office manage the editing
> of a serious manuscript like a User's Handbook for some device,
> or a real book, booklet, or White Paper??? 
> thanks
> Karina
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