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Disk Druid question

On Saturday 03 April 2004 5:16 pm, alaric at wrote:
> Hi everyone! I have been looking at dual booting my notebook with Fedora
> and XP (it has XP home on it now) and have been reading up on how to do
> this and just wanted to verify something, now Disk Druid will create
> partitions if there is space available but not resize my existing NTFS
> partition? I need to find a third party software to resize my NTFS like
> partition magic or some such. Also, to be able to read and write files
> between the two I need to partition a section of the HD with fat32 since
> Linux at this time is read only on NTFS.
> 	Did I get my facts right? I want to be clear on this before I, er
> take the plunge as it were! Thanks in advance!

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