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Folllow up to my Disk Druid Question, or "comedy of errors"

On Wednesday 07 April 2004 17:20, alaric at wrote:

Why did you deal with Partition Magic?
Just partition the disk when it comes time to do the install, IN the 
installer. Install something easy, like Mandrake. Don't even format the 
partitions beforehand, just let the installer format the Linux stuff and 
Windows do the windows stuff. Simple.

> I took the plunge and decided I wanted linux on my Laptop!
>  I decided to duel boot it with Fedora, cause.. well I like Linux
> and it seems like a wonderful learning op.
> my first mistake!
> well, I get out my trusty Broadband connection, download partition magic
> 8.
> and resize my Hard drive, easy as cake! once new vfat 10 gig logical
> drive (called DMZ since I was going to use it for the "my Documents" and
> I wanted to be able to edit them from word and open office.. smart huh?)
> and the last logical drive "Linux" Ext3. sweet! no problems!
> then I put in the Fedora Core disk one. and it all went to hell. first,
> it didn't like my partitions. after I get that straightened out, (a
> couple of disk partitions later) I finally get it to the install point'
> "Push next here to install"  coolness! Then it begins to format the
> drive for itself!
> No problem yet.. then it begins to copy install image to disk...
> bang.
> no joy. "Not enough room on disk"
> huh??!!  I think to myself? I gave you 24 gig?! try and start over. no
> joy.
> luckily.. non of this is at all effecting the windows partition... so no
> biggie right? right! all is well.. well at least until I notice the
> "install another OS" button in Partition Magic.
> (sigh) I should have known better.. but it was late. it killed my
> windows partition or at least the boot sector. so.. I thinking "Oh fuck
> it.. I'll go for a complete install and worry about duel boot latter.. I
> have recovery disks.. right?
> so I install fedora. works! all the way through! Until Gnome hangs and
> the system hangs on boot up. Now... I'll admit I was pretty pissy at
> this point and tired, and probably not thinking all that clear and
> probably could have saved myself some trouble, but I gave up and used my
> recovery disks to restore the system to it's original partition and
> config.. well for the most part.. I'm still installing drivers. (Blah)
> So.. eventually I will revisit the land of duel booting OS's, and maybe
> I'll try again with Fedora, or maybe Debian... Not sure what I was doing
> wrong but it was a wholly frustrating experience none the less!  I think
> I'll call this lesson "Fun with Partitions"
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