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Sun, Microsoft Pact Viewed As 'Unholy Alliance' Against Linux,

Brendan wrote:
> On Wednesday 07 April 2004 08:33 pm, Jim Long wrote:
> > But there were 5 versions of StarOffice first. The OpenOffice source was
> > released to the open source community by Sun as they were redesigning
> > StarOffice in preparation for version 6.
> <SNIP>
> And...the point is....?
> Weren't we talking about the _future_ development of OO/SO?

If I understand the GPL (which I don't), if you own the work
throughout, you can change the license for new releases.  But the work
as it stands now is opensource.  Thus, should SUN change their strategic
direction, that's their right (speech or beer?). If we don't like it, we 
pick up the ball and fork a new version of OO from the last GPL'd source.


Where's the down side?  Sun's not paying the bill?  Since when was money
import to OSS developers ;-)


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