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Monitors as TVs (Re: TVs as monitors)

"David J. C. Beach" <beach at> wrote:

> <>I have a 50" LCD-projection HDTV that can do 720p. This is one that I
> purchased very recently, and am enjoying quite a bit. (It's better than
> my old HDTV in size and resolution/clarity, but the black-levels seem to
> suffer a bit with LCD-projection.)

> <>My experience says that if you're really interested in using a TV as a
> computer monitor (size *does* matter), you're best using an HDTV that
> uses either LCD, DLP, or (overpriced) plasma. Get one with a digital
> input if at all possible. You will get a truly fantastic picture and
> impress all your friends. 

I am also using a front projector for my television.  The picture 
quality is amazing.  It's truly flat, nearly all digital (except for the 
analog RGB) and in the living room projects a 108" diagonal for 1/3 the 
price of those flat LCD and Plasma panels.  The downside is that you 
have to replace the bulb every two years (at a cost of $200-$300) and 
you need a room that doesn't get too much light - some is okay if the 
projector is powerful enough.  Additionally, native resolution is 
usually XGA (1024x768) which is great for TV, most HDTV and is usuable 
for computer use.  DLP offers much better black levels than LCD.  You 
can read more about DLP and projectors at

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