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environment variable

Chris Devers wrote:
> Have you tried reading the error, and setting $JAVA_HOME ? :-)
>     $ echo $JAVA_HOME
>     $
>     $ export JAVA_HOME="/Library/Java/Home"
>     $
>     $ echo $JAVA_HOME
>     /Library/Java/Home
>     $
> Make sense?

this looks very cool but unfortunately i have no idea how to use echo in 
the way you suggest.  yes i'm lost.

> And why are you messing around in a root shell? Don't have sudo?

point taken.  i go root crazy sometimes when having to change stuff on 
my pc.

so here's where i am;

this gave some clues, but no hand holding;

i think i can either alter the jedit start up script (not quite sure how 
to do this properly) and tell it where to look or change my environment 
variable to include java.  both give me a sense of frustration. 
wouldn't it be better to fix the environment variable in case another 
app i may install in the future needs it?
so i peeked at env;

[eric at mathPlayPen eric]$ env
[eric at mathPlayPen eric]$

so is PATH= where i should see a "JAVA_HOME" reference?

my bash profile looks like this;

# .bash_profile

# Get the aliases and functions
if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
	. ~/.bashrc

# User specific environment and startup programs


export PATH

could i just type in a change to this text file?  if so what is the 
"grammar" for lack of a better word, that i should use to add this?


if you're bored enough to help, please do not assume that i know 
everything you're talking about.  a lot of the links from my google 
search gave very cryptic answers that are of little assistance.  i am 
able to get jedit to run (it's very cool looking) but it complains about 
JAVA_HOME.  again thanks for any suggestions about how to change the 
environment variable or another solution that you think is superior.  eric.

p.s.  i will fix this stupid problem by the end of the day no matter 
what!  stupid grumble grumble grumble grumble...

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