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GIMP install help - URGENT


It's been a marathon effort to get GIMP 2.0 installed on my Red Hat FC 1 
machine.  There are lots of dependencies, and dependencies of 
dependencies to build GIMP2.0.

I first got hung up on the Glib installation. It seemed to go smoothly, 
but the next piece is Pango, and that complained during ./configure that 
I had two versions of Glib.  I would have just removed the old version 
if I knew what to remove or how.

Anyway, I eventually rectified the "you've got two Glibs" problem by 
adding /usr/local/lib to my $LD_LIBRARY_PATH with the following:

#$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib  [ret]

But, after re-booting, my $LD_LIBRARY_PATH was empty.  So first question 
is how do you make it stick?  iirc, you need to set it in your .bashrc 
file?  Maybe that's not a good question to begin with, because I've seen 
a lot of advice against using LD_LIBRARY_PATH at all.  I eventually 
learned to edit /etc/ and run ldconfig, so it's probably a 
moot point.

Long story short, I tried installing everything from source, then from 
RPMs, then using APT, then back to source for the past four days.  I 
finally got everything to build (although I had to sacrifice gimp-print 
b/c it just wouldn't find one of the files that *was* installed.)  When 
I started GIMP, it told me that there was a problem with the class size 
of Pango and would seg fault.  I next rebooted, and now X can't start 

I'm going to transfer all files to CD for my presentation, and since the 
machine can dual-boot and has GIMP2.0 installed on Windows, I can use 
that, but I would really like to do the presentation on Linux.  So, I'm 
wondering if anyone might be available at Martha's at 6 to help me 
straighten this out.  I'll be busy during the day, but can also work on 
it for an hour at lunch time.

w. 603-642-4720 x 3#
gaim: freephile

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