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learning java

On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 11:11, Duane Morin wrote:
> On 29 Apr 2004, Grant M. wrote:
> > I disagree. Although, I don't feel that it should make a difference, I
> > think things like this do count for something. The only real issue is
> > when a company is trying to get off cheap, then it might be the reason
> > that you DON'T get hired. 
> That sounds like a horrible case of sour grapes -- "They didn't hire me
> just because they're too cheap to pay my rate." Ummm, no, we didn't hire
> you because you didn't know the difference between an array and a Hashmap 
> and still wanted more money than our CEO.  :)
> (insert obligatory "I don't need to know the difference between an array 
> and a hashmap I can look it up on google..." defense here.)

How about an obligatory "I started programming embedded systems on the
8051 for blood testing instrumentation back in 1985, but never really
had any formal software training. That was probably before you learned
to stop crapping in your shorts" defense? 

I started as an EE, and that kind of just led into computer programming
(I now develop web-based worflow and DAM systems). I have been
programming computers in assy, C, C++, Pascal, Perl, PHP, etc, since
that time (Desktop and RTOS). I think I know from whence I speak.

> Honestly, if we ever found two candidates that we liked so much that we 
> couldn't decide, we'll hire both of them.  Just happened back in February, 
> we hit it lucky.

I suspect that there are not alot of companies that would do this. About
a year or so ago, we had so many resumes that you were dropped a notch
for every misspelled word. There were many candidates that were more
than qualified for the position (and many that were overqualified). If
your company isn't getting them, then perhaps your positions are
incredibly niche, or perhaps they had you doing the interviews.
Grant M.

Grant M.
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