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learning java

Well it's not a "you suck" but accusing me of purposely confusing 
candidates is in the same ballpark :)...

On Thu, 29 Apr 2004, Adam Russell wrote:
> Duane Morin wrote:
> >* When working with servlets, what's the difference between a redirect and 
> >a forward?  What is a servlet filter and how is it different from a 
> >servlet forward?
> >
> I think what you really want to say is "servlet chaining" not "servlet 
> forwarding".  Unless you mean something different from the accepted 
> terminology or try to purposely confuse candidates.

Note that I said "a forward", first of all.  Second, I quote the API at 
you, from


public void forward(ServletRequest request,
                    ServletResponse response)
             throws ServletException,

    Forwards a request from a servlet to another resource (servlet, JSP 
file, or HTML file) on the server. This method allows one servlet to do 
preliminary processing of a request and another resource to generate the 

Now perhaps I'll be accused of hypocrisy on my "no memorizing the API" 
questions, but I'd like to think that if you've ever *done* it, regardless 
of what you *called* it, then you could recognize that you may have seen 
the word 'forward' before when dealing with your servlets.  It's 
additional was a fairly substantial piece of functionality.  Asking 
something like  "What object handles the forward() method" would be the 
sort of thing I would not ask.

To be fair, I may adjust my questioning and ask "How do you implement 
servlet chaining" or something like that and see if more people 
understand it.


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